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This is my latest post on ElearningWorld. English Department people at The Israel Ministry of Education have done something that, I believe, is unique worldwide. It is Moodle! It really is teachers for teachers. And it is FREE and available for any teacher of English who works in the framework of the Ministry of Education. This means it is FREE for any pupil who goes to school here in Israel. Happy Moodling! It is summer vacation (or summer break) time in Israel. We, teachers, are getting ready for the next school year, which will start in September 2022, and the Dig into Digital Moodle templates/courses are bound to have an impact on our teaching of English as a Foreign Language. Dig into Digital is an English Department, Israel Ministry of Education national project that involves thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of K-12 pupils. “The [Israeli] education system consists of three tiers: primary education (grades 1–6, approximately ages 6–12), middle [or junior high] school (grades 7–9, approximately ages 12–15), and high school (grades 10–12, approximately ages 15–19) “ Read more: